Topic outline

  • About Dash

    • Customize your Moodle site to your  needs, entirely without time consuming and expensive bespoke development. Using the powerful Dash block, you can completely change the layout, content and style of pages like the front page or the dashboard. At the heart of the Dash framework is a powerful query builder. Dash makes data available from various data sources, such as courses, users, completions, site logs and more. This data is then displayed using layouts such as grid, slider, masonry or tables and comes with many powerful customisation options like filters, conditions and full control over the fields displayed. Additional dashboards can be setup to cater for the specific needs of your target groups and/or roles. This gives you the ability to adjust the layout and structure of your Moodle site to what makes sense for your particular use case.

  • About grid layouts

    • Opting for the grid layout presents data in a visually appealing grid format, offering extensive customization options.

      Administrators can enhance the grid layout by incorporating background images and defining various content elements such as headings, subheadings, body text, and footers. They also have the option to configure the details area to expand upon clicking, float on hover, or even display as a modal.

      With the grid layout, administrators can specify the number of columns per row. Additionally, they can apply individual CSS styles to create a truly unique appearance. As admins have chosen the grid layout, they can also differentiate layout modes. For further information refer to “Slider” and “Masonry“.

  • Examples of different grids